PaySnap 3 - Price


The PaySnap Price stack is used only to display the item's price - note that you need to set the product price in the PaySnap Item stack as well.

  • Editable Price
    When this is enabled, buyer's can revise the price of the item. Useful for solicitation of donations or Name-Your-Own-Price items. Be sure to enable the Editable Price option in the item stack also.
  • Display Price
    Enter your product's price here. You may wish to include the currnecy symbol as part of this value (ie, $10.00 or £10.00, etc).
  • Color
    The price will be displayed in the color you choose with this color picker.
  • Size
    Font Size (in px) of the price.
  • Bold
    Enable to apply bold styling to the price text.
  • Align
    Set how you want the price to be aligned, Left, Center, Right or Justify.

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    Is there an ability to add discount codes to items for promotions?


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