PaySnap 3 - Button

Add the PaySnap Button Stack wherever you'd like to place an Add to Cart Button or a View Cart button. Keep in mind that Add To Cart buttons must be placed INSIDE a PaySnap Item stack. View Cart buttons can be placed on any Stacks page that ALSO contains a PaySnap Base stack. The Button stack gives you a great deal of flexibility in designing your buttons:

  • Button Type
    Select the action the button should perform. Add to Cart or View Cart.
  • Title (Value)
    The text that will appear on the button if you utilize a plain style button.
  • Disabled
    Use this option to leave a product on your page but DISABLE its Add To Cart function. This can be used when an item is out of stock or is not currently available but you want to leave product information available on your page. If the button is DISABLED, users can not utilize the button to add *this* product to their cart.
  • Icon Position
    Select whether to Hide, Prepend or Append icon to Title of button.
  • Icon
    Use FontAwesome 4 icons to embellish your label.
    EXAMPLE: fa fa-cart-plus
  • Colors
    Set the color used for Background, Text and Border of each button indivdually.
  • Font Family
    The font used for this button.
    EXAMPLE: "Oswald",sans-serif
  • Font Size
    The size in pixels to display button Title ( and Icon ).
  • Align
    Set the alignment of button. Choose from Left, Center, Right or Justify.
  • Full Width
    Checking this will force the button to take up all the width available in parent stack.
  • Padding
    Set padding used within the button.
  • Border Width
    Set the pixel width of the border surrounding the button.
  • Border Radius
    Make the corners of the button rounded by adjusting this setting.


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