PaySnap 3 - Item

This stack is essentially the product wrapper that all other stacks get nested within to create a full product. Add To Cart Buttons, More Details, Item Options, Price and Quantity Input stacks must all be placed WITHIN a PaySnap item stack - this associates those stacks with a particular product. 

Item Settings

  • Cart Image
  • Item Name
    The name of the item. This product name is used in the Cart as well as on the PayPal checkout pages.
  • Item Number
    If you use a part number or SKU to identify product, enter it here. This is optional.
  • Item Price
    The numerical price of the item. This is a setting only and is used to pass the product's pricing information to the cart window as well as PayPal. To display the price of the item on the published page, be sure to add a PaySnap Price stack as well. Only use numbers and decimal, no other characters are allowed.  Read this for more details.
  • Editable Price
    Enable this checkbox to allow the buyer or donor to specify the own amount they'd like to pay or donate. Note that Editable Price items can not be used in conjunction with products that have options and prices assigned to those options.

Optional (PayPal only!)

If you'll use weight based rules at PayPal, specify the item's weight here. Be sure to include only numeric values, no symbols or weight abbreviations (the scale of weight to be used is defined in the PaySnap Base stack).

PLEASE NOTE that since Stripe Checkout does not currently offer any type of Shipping or Tax Calculations, these settings apply to PAYPAL ONLY!

  • Shipping (Calculations)
     Take advantage of PayPal's automatic shipping charge calculation feature. PayPal calculates shipping charges based on rates that you specify in your account profile. For greater detail, please click here.
    • None
    • Weight Based - Shipping based on Weight of item(s)
    • Per Item Based - Shipping based on Quantity of item(s)
  • Weight ( if Shipping is Weight Based )
    Number that represents the weight of product.  Do not include weight units like lb, oz or kg
  • Shipping Fee ( if Shipping is Item Based )
    Number to be charged per item. Do not include currency symbols.
  • Handling Fee
    If you wish to add a per-item handling fee to this product, enter your desired fee here (no currency symbols, ONLY a numeric value, ie, 5.50)
  • Tax (Calculations)
    If you wish to charge a flat tax amount on this item (and NOT use PayPal Tax Calculation Rules), enter the exact tax amount here. Enter as a currency value, not a percentage. (no currency symbols, ONLY a numeric value, ie, 3.21)

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