Use CSV Import with Select Menu

Starting with FormSnap, the ability to import Select menu options was added. Large select menus with many many options ( timezones, countries, regions , etc... ) are now super easy to add to your FormSnap forms.


Here is How

  1.  Create Your CSV ( Comma Delimited Value ) File
    The format for your file should be the following...
    value: The Value of the option if selected.
    label: The Label shown to user in Select Menu.
    selected:  A boolean value, 1 (yes) or 0(no), if the option is pre-selected by default.

    You will include a line for every option to import into the Select Menu.
    Below is an actual example of how your file should look...
    "","Choose Color ...",1
    If your file is not correctly formatted, then this feature WILL NOT WORK. So get it right.
  2. Add to Resources folder
    Add your CSV file to your RapidWeaver projects Resources folder.

  3. Select the CSV file
    Use the Set Link button to choose your CSV file from Resources.

  4. That's It! 🎉


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