Formloom vs. Formsnap

I get asked all the time what is the difference between Formloom and Formsnap. I will attempt to answer this question with this page. Hopefully it answers your question.

BOTH products produce web forms on your RapidWeaver web page(s).

The primary difference between the 2 products is that Formloom is a PLUGIN and Formsnap is a STACK.

A PLUGIN is only thing on the page, it cannot be combined with other RapidWeaver Add ons. A PLUGIN functions independently of any other product(s). Formloom can be embedded into a STACKS page, but it is very limited and cannot be placed however you want.

A STACK may not be as powerful as a PLUGIN, but it is vastly more flexible. STACKS can be combined with other STACKS on the same page. Layout of your Forms can also be highly customized on a STACKS page. You can even use third-party STACKS inside your form if you need to.
All stack elements require the Stacks Plugin.

PLEASE NOTE! Formloom does come with a companion STACK, but that particular STACK only embeds remote Formloom form into the Stacks page. It is very basic and offers no layout fexibility.

 Bottom Line

For most people, Formsnap (the STACK) is what most will want to get. It works in Stacks, the most popular Add on in the RapidWeaver Universe. Plus with the introduction of Formsnap 3, it has nearly all the same features offered by Formloom ( except Rules ).

If you still need the Conditional Rules feature for hiding and showing items based on choices, then you will still need Formloom.

The best option is to just buy BOTH 😝


Comparison Chart

Is a Stack?
This item requires the Stacks Plugin to function.
Is a Plugin?
This item does not require any other plugin to function.
Has Rules
Hide and Show items based of conditional rules.
Flexible Form Layout
Form items can be arranged in a variety of ways. 
Works Directly in Stacks Page    
Password Protected Forms  
Easier UX
Larger and more refined user interface for entering settings.
Modular Structure
Designed for future modular product additions.
Email Form Submissions
Save to MySQL
Save to Google Sheets  
Send Receipt Attachments
Uses Email Templates
Multi-Step Forms
Input Validation
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