Formsnap 3 - File Upload


  • Name
    This item's name. The item name is used INTERNALLY on the form and templates and should be be alphanumeric ONLY (letters, numbers and underscores allowed). The name must be unique to the form. Duplicate names in the same form will produce adverse effects.
  • Display Label
    When enabled, the label will be displayed with the input item.
  • Label
    The label the user will see on the published form adjacent to the input.
  • Label Icon
    Prepend a Font Awesome (4.7) icon to your label text. Available icons can be found on the Font Awesome web site.
    EXAMPLE: fa fa-upload
  • Default Text
    Text used with file input.
  • Subtext
    Short description added below the input item.
  • Tooltip
    Include an animated tooltip to your input item
  • Tip Placement
    Designate where the tooltip should originate from. Tooltips can be placed in four different ways in relation to the reference element.

Save Data

  • Save to MySQL
    When enabled, the input's value will be saved to the specified MySQL database ( in Base settings ).
  • Save to Google Sheets
    When enabled, the input's value will be saved to the specified Google Sheet ( in Base settings ).
  • Field Name
    The MySQL field name in your database that corresponds to this input.
    The column header name in your Google Sheet.
  • File Save As
    • File Name
      The name of the file will be saved. If item is saved on server, then timestamp prefix will will be included.
    • URL
      The Full URL tot he image will be saved. This requires Attachment Saving to be enabled in Base Settings.
    • BLOB
      The file's BLOB binary data will be saved. This is only available to MySQL. It will not work with Google Sheets.


  • Required
    If enabled, this input item is required before form can be submitted.
  • Required Error
    Error message displayed when end user fails to complete form item.
  • File Max
    The allowed maximum size a file ( in kilobytes - kb ) can be for this individual input. Global File Max restrictions set in Base Settings will override this setting on the server.
  • File Max Error
    Error message displayed if selected file exceeds the File Max.
  • MIME Type(s)
    If enabled, only specified file MIME types can be selected.
  • MIME Types
    Comma delimited list of allowed MIME types that can be selected.
    EXAMPLE:  image/jpeg, image/png, image/gif
  • MIME Type Error
    Error message displayed when invalid file is selected.


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