Formsnap 3 - Button

Add the FormSnap Button Stack wherever you'd like to place a form Submit or Reset button.

  • Button Type
    Select the action the button should perform (Submit the form or Reset/Clear the form).
  • Style
    Select the color of button you'd like to use. If you don't see a color choice that suits your needs, select CUSTOM and define your own background, text and border colors for your button.
  • Size
    Select Mini/Small/Large button sizes.
  • Custom Image
    If you'd like to use your own image as the button (thereby ignoring all previous style settings) select your appropriately sized custom image for this button in jpg, gif or png format.
  • Value / Title
    The text that will appear on the button. For example "Submit Form" or "Send".
  • Tab Index
    You can control the tab-through order of fields with tab index. The lower the number, the earlier it will be selected via Tab key. 1 is the first field, assign higher numbers to subsequent fields.
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