Formsnap 3 - CAPTCHA

End user will need to enter the matching string of text and numbers correctly in order to submit the form.  Only one instance of CAPTCHA can be used per page!

See below for an example.


  • Display Label
    When enabled, the label will be displayed with the input item.
  • Label
    The label the user will see on the published form adjacent to the input.
  • Label Icon
    Prepend a Font Awesome (4.7) icon to your label text. Available icons can be found on the Font Awesome web site.
    EXAMPLE: fa fa-user
  • Subtext
    Short description added below the input item.
  • Tooltip
    Include an animated tooltip to your input item
  • Tip Placement
    Designate where the tooltip should originate from. Tooltips can be placed in four different ways in relation to the reference element.



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