FormSnap - Security Question

Add an additional layer of security to your forms with a security question(s). If the end user does not answer correctly, then the form cannot be submitted. Multiple instances of this can be in one form.


  • Question
    The question will be displayed as the label of the input.
    Answer is now stored in the FormSnap Base Settings.
  • Label Icon
    Prepend a Font Awesome (4.7) icon to your label text. Available icons can be found on the Font Awesome web site.
    EXAMPLE: fa fa-user
  • Placeholder
    Text displayed in the popup menu UNTIL the visitor invokes the popup menu to select a country.
  • Subtext
    Short description added below the input item.
  • Tooltip
    Include an animated tooltip to your input item
  • Tip Placement
    Designate where the tooltip should originate from. Tooltips can be placed in four different ways in relation to the reference element.
  • Custom Class
    Add your own custom class to this input.
  • Tab Index
    You can control the tab-through order of fields with tab index. The lower the number, the earlier it will be selected via Tab key. 1 is the first field, assign higher numbers to subsequent fields.
  • Show Clear Value
    A delete button is displayed that, when clicked, clears the current value.
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