Modern Layout Known Issues



The popular Blog Modern Theme has a couple issues that we want you to be aware of.


  1.  Editing Individual Posts on list view
    When editing a single most on the main blog view ( view that displays all the posts available ) is not supported or recommended. This is especially the case when editing the top, most recent , post. Editing in this view can result in the loss of images in the post. 

    The Work Around
    The recommended way to edit posts is to navigate to the individual post view, then edit and save there. You will have no issues if done in this fashion.

  2. Draft and Future posts not supported
    Given the advanced CSS used to create the Modern layout, we are unable to support saving the posts in Draft or Future status. Now, the posts will save, but the layout is broken when the post is hidden ( draft and future posts are hidden ).

    The Work Around
    There is no work around currently, but we will continue to see if a fix can be released in a future update of Go CMS Unlimited.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please send in a ticket if you have further questions regarding these known issues.


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