How to Install and Configure License Key File

Install Go License 

Follow the steps below to install your Go CMS Unlimited license in your project.

  1. Locate your Go CMS folder you downloaded. There you will find the stack and a PHP file named "go-cms-key.php". This is the key file.
  2. Open the RapidWeaver project you wish to install the license in.
  3. Go to the Menu bar and select View , then select Show Site Resources.
  4. Drag and drop the key file file into the Resources folder.
  5. Select the key file file inside the Resources window ( not the one in download folder ).
  6. From the top menu bar, select your favorite text editing application you want to edit the key file with.
  7. In your text editor, enter the values for the LICENSE_EMAIL ( you used to purchase Go CMS Unlimited ), the LICENSE_KEY ( from your order email under Serial Numbers ) and the UNLOCK_PASSWORD  ( you want to use to unlock and edit your Go CMS pages) .
  8. Save your changes to the key file and close the Resources window.
  9. Save your RapidWeaver project.
  10. Go to File menu and select Republish All Files.
  11. You are done 🎉


Edit Password

To edit or change the password, follow steps 5 - 10 above. There never should be a reason to edit the LICENSE_KEY or LICENSE_EMAIL since Go CMS v.2 can be used on unlimited domains and sites. Those value can  remain the same on ALL of your projects.


Use Go License Builder

We also built and  easier way to configure your Go License Key file. Simply go to our custom Go License Builder page and generate your license file there.



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