Go supports Disqus for blog commenting:

Disqus is a quality commenting platform, and offers free (ad supported), and low cost plans. You can signup with Disqus by clicking the link above.

  • To use Disqus with Go, a Disqus account username is required.
  • Post comments will only appear when viewing a single full post.

Add Post Commenting with Disqus.

1. Click the grey list circle above all post listings.


2. Enter your Disqus username on the settings Disqus Name field. Save when done.


🎉 Done!

Disqus commenting should now appear for individual posts.


Important: If you change a post title after receiving post comments, original Disqus comments will not appear for the new post title. They are not lost, they are not attached to the new post title name, you'll have to migrate your original post title comments. To do that, please use the Disqus comment migration tool:

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