Go CMS Unlimited (v2) for RapidWeaver

Requires RapidWeaver 7 or 8+, and Stacks 3.5+


  • Go stack installs: Go Base, Go Content, Go Blog, and Go Lock.
  • Go Base. Required on a stacks page to enable online editing, only 1 Go Base needed per stacks page.
  • Go Content. Use to create an online editable content area. You can edit these stacks edit mode before publishing.
  • Go Blog. Use to create an entire online editable blog. You can have multiple blogs through a RapidWeaver project. Limit 1 Go Blog per stacks page.
  • Go Lock. Use to visually hide a webpage, and reveal it with a valid password.


1. Add a Go Base stack to your page. Add Go Content or Go Blog as needed.



2. In RapidWeaver Settings → General, enter the publish site URL in the Web Address.



1. At the published site, press the Go edit hotkey Shift + Control + X


2. The demo password is, demo. Enter the password and press enter/return.

🎉 Done!

  • The blue Go bar, and a blue content outline will appear.
  • Have a blast, test everything out!
  • Go demo mode edits are non-destructive, server saving is disabled. 
  • A paid Go license is required for live edit saving.


Go Bar Purchasing

Want to save with Go? Click the cart icon in the Go bar.

1.Click the GO LICENSE - BUY NOW button.

2. Complete your purchase.

3. Install & Configure your License Key and Republish your web page.


Get Ready to Go!

1. Drag and drop your Go Key file into the RapidWeaver Resources panel.

2. Publish again from RapidWeaver. This enables Go saving and RapidWeaver Preview sync!

🎉 Done!

  • After publishing, Stack edit mode Go content is ignored, and published Go content is used.


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