Flick Manual

Touch, responsive, flickable carousels.

Setting Explanations

  • Initial Index
    Zero-based index of the initial selected cell.
  • Accessibility
    Enable keyboard navigation. Users can tab to a flick carousel, and pressing left and right keys to change cells.
  • Cell Align
    Align cells within the carousel element.
  • Right to Left
    Enables right-to-left layout.
  • Images Loaded
    Unloaded images have no size, which can throw off cell positions. To fix this, the "Images Loaded" option re-positions cells once their images have loaded.
  • Draggable
    Enables dragging and flicking.
  • Free Scroll
    Enables content to be freely scrolled and flicked without aligning images to an end position.
  • Wrap Around
    At the end of images, wrap-around to the other end for infinite scrolling.
  • Lazy Load
    Loads cell images when a cell is selected.
  • Auto Play
    Automatically advances to the next cell. Auto-playing will pause when mouse is hovered over, and resume when mouse is hovered off. Auto-playing will stop when the gallery is clicked or a cell is selected.
  • Prev/Next Buttons
    Creates and enables previous & next buttons.
  • Page Dots
    Creates and enables page dots.
  • Show Caption
    Displays caption below image.

  • Height
    The height of the carousel ( in pixels ) for both Desktop and Mobile displays.
  • Colors
    • Bkgrd: Color of carousel background.
    • Border: Color of carousel border.
    • Dots: Color of page dots.
    • Caption: Color of caption text.
  • Arrow Colors
    • Bkgrd: Color of Prev/Next button background.
    • Hover: Hover color of Prev/Next button background.
    • Arrow: Color used on Prev/Next arrow icon.
  • Border Width
    The border width ( in pixels ) around carousel.
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