Formloom 3 and Google Sheets Setup

Formloom 3 was originally released with the ability to save your form posts to a Google Sheet ( spreadsheet ). Well, on the week of May 27th 2015, Google dropped support for the authentication method we used to interface with the Google API. This caused all forms saved to Google Sheets to fail.

The new authentication method uses a Google Developer accounts and OAuth 2. This new approach makes it so some changes needed to be made to how Formloom handles things.

In version 3.0.7, you will no longer enter your email address, password, worksheet and spreadsheet info, you will now only enter the spreadsheet file id.


  1. Go to the Google Spreadsheet you wish to use with Formloom, as if you were editing the spreadsheet. Click the Share button in the top right corner.
  2. In the window that pops up, enter the Formloom service email address shown below...
  3. Make sure you set it to Can edit. Click Send when finished.
  4. Take note of the URL, you will want to grab the File ID from the URL. We have highlighted the ID in the illustration above. Copy and paste that value in your RapidWeaver® 6 project as shown above.

Now you can republish your RapidWeaver® project to test that you did everything correctly. You will likely need to Republish All Files, so make sure you do that prior to contacting our support desk.

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