TUTORIAL: Custom CSS in Formloom 3

We've made it very easy to style individual form elements within Formloom.

This brief video overview shows how to style a text area.  

Here are the steps to get started customizing:

  1. Find the ID of the element you wish to style.  You can do this by selecting the form element and looking in the upper right hand corner of its settings.  ID's begin with a #fl.  In our video example, the text area's ID is:  #fl-item-4
  2. Go to the Page Inspector -> Formloom Settings.  In the CSS Override Code field, enter your desired customization.  It will of course, begin with the ID of the item to be modified. In the video example, we used:
    border-color: #000000;
    background-color: #666666;
    color: #FFFFFF;
  3. To learn more about CSS syntax and get some styling type, we recommend checking out http://www.cssbasics.com
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    Hi, This is great. i can change the whole form of my clients website
    but... how do i change the color of an icon in a selected form field with css

    The same with the hoverstate of form buttons

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