Installing a Plugin

Minimum Requirements

Make sure that your version of RapidWeaver and Mac OS X meet the requirements for running the plugin. You can find the requirements on each plugin page at our website .

Remember to Restart

RapidWeaver will not activate a new plugin until the next time you launch RapidWeaver. So you must quit and restart RapidWeaver to use the plugin.


In order for RapidWeaver to find plugins, they must be installed into a specific folder inside your user Library folder. However RapidWeaver places them there automatically if you double-click on the plugin file. It's a good idea to open RapidWeaver first and close any open documents so that the auto-open feature of RapidWeaver doesn't get interrupted by the installation process.

  1. Open RapidWeaver.
    This may open open your last used documents. Wait for that to finish.

  2. Close any open documents.
    This ensures that nothing else is going on in RapidWeaver while you install the plugin.

  3. Double-click on the plugin file in the Finder.
    The plugin file should be in the DMG or ZIP file that you downloaded from our site.

  4. Quit RapidWeaver.
    The plugin should now be installed and ready to use. The next time you add a page to your site, a new page style should be available.

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  • 0
    Andrea Aiazzi

    I can't install paysnap. the "double click" written in the installer is a little generic

  • 0
    mark zborowski

    I am new to rw and purchased this add-on, followed the instructions above and the plug-in does not show in the page style list...  Any ideas...  Thanks... 

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