Product Customization / Styling

Due to the high volume of support requests we receive, we can provide support only on issues directly affecting plugin and stack functionality. Due to the amount of time required to research and assist with customization or altering plugin operation, we can not respond to such inquiries. If your pages published with our products are not functioning properly, please provide a URL to the page so we can test it out.

In other words - -

* If your pages don't work, let us know, we can help.
* If you want to change or customize colors, fonts, layouts, this is not something we can help with.

If you want to customize the appearance or style of a page created with our plugin, the RapidWeaver forums can be a great resource for tips/hacks/scripts to achieve a desired effect. However we support the appearance or style only as included in the product we distribute. If use of a product depends on ability to customize or alter the appearance or style of a page, be sure to download our fully functional free trial products and experiment to make sure you can implement the desired appearance prior to making a purchase.  Want to get fancy? Here's a great CSS resource:  

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