Republishing All Files

We've all been there.  You make changes or updates to your site, use Rapidweaver's handy Publish utility, preview your site on the web and nothing's changed!  What gives here?!

This is a COMMON problem.  Our support staff answers this question at LEAST once a day.  Basically, Rapidweaver's smart publishing tool *really* tries, but it falls a bit short at times.  The Publish function is intelligent in that it tries to ONLY upload what appears to have changed on your site, leaving unmodified pages untouched.  The problem here is that many stacks and plugins now use a variety of supporting pages to contain scripts and settings - i.e., resources used by the page.  Rapidweaver doesn't always know how to handle these and often they don't get updated when they should.

How to resolve?

Well, the easiest solution is to simply use File -> Republish All Files.  In most cases this will disregard the "smart publishing" system and republish your entire site.

If that doesn't work, clearing these two folders will reset the smart publisher and tell it it needs to upload everything:




We've also written an AppleScript that will purge these resources for you (see attached)

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