Installing Yabdab Stacks

When you open a purchased download of Stacks from us, you'll receive a folder that contains at least one (but in some cases) several .stacks files.  To install, simply doubleclick each .stacks file.  These files should have an icon that looks like a lego brick.  If you see ONLY generic folder icons and NOT lego icons, you have something amiss with your installation of Stacks or RapidWeaver.  First, make sure you have *the* most current version of both Stacks and RapidWeaver installed.


NOTE:  As of RapidWeaver 5.3.1, RAPIDWEAVER handles the stacks installation process.  Due to Apple's continued sandboxing efforts with App Store applictions, from 5.3.1 on, any time you click on a .stacks file, RapidWeaver should launch and handle placing the .stacks into the appropriate folder. 

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