Formloom does NOT support GoDaddy Hosting

There's really nothing we can do to make Formloom/FormSnap work reliably on GoDaddy.

if you look at the system requirements for any of those products we've noted that GoDaddy is specifically not supported. We've spent hours trying to work with their support to no avail. We've seen forms that work there suddenly stop (which is really bad when the user gets success messages and you just stop receiving their emails for no apparent reason). It's so random and unreliable even when it CAN be hacked and made to work there that it usually doesn't work for long.

These issues are specific to GoDaddy hosting. I would not recommend them for any type of site where reliable form processing is required. One of their major problems is denying sending mail to certain domains.....which you can't control: Google the term: godaddy administratively denying emails being sent - - it's not just our products that have this issue - it's a general problem with their hosting platform. The causes/cures are random and all over the place. If they can't provide consistent, reliable setup and support on their various hosting platforms, we can't create a product that will work reliably there.

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