TabSnap stack

TabSnap is comprised of a single stack element - TabSnap Base. This stack element contains both a drop zone area in the content as well as appearance settings in the Info Pane. You can add almost any type of stack element into tabs.

Edit Settings

Tab Count

This slider controls the number of tabs created by the stack element. Slide to increase or decrease the number of tabs.


Select from one of 24 included themes. For theme samples, take a look at


The event that will trigger tab selection, a click or mouseover (hover).


If enabled, users will be able to collapse tab content (ie, hide all EXCEPT for the tab bar) in their browser).

Transition FX

If enabled, a brief animation will be used when different tabs are selected in the tab bar. This transition can animate on tab content height, width or opacity.

Tab Width

You can set a static width for your tabs. Any valud between 20 and 300px.

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