Mapsnap stack

MapSnap Base

Drag an instance of MapSnap Base onto any Stacks 2.x+ page to add the base map.  The settings in this stack control the overall map function and appearance.  

  • Map Type:
    • Directions:  Create a map that allows the visitor to provide a beginning place and navigate them to your desired destination(s)Marker:  Create a map which displays location pins only
  • Driving Unit:  
    Select to display distance in Miles or Kilometers
  • Controls Type:
    • Dropdown:  Save some space by consolidating location information into a small drop down menu (users access menu to select different locations on the map)
    • List:  If space isn't a concern, use List view to allow users to see all locations in a list on the map and click to select
  • Start Index:  
    Select a location to focus on when the map initially loads.  If you want to focus on the second location (your second instance of MapSnap Location stack within MapSnap Base), you'd enter 2 for the start index.  If you want to show all locations by default, leave the Start Index at 0
  • Map Height

    The map will always fill the body width area of the theme. The Map Height setting allows you to control how tall (in pixels) the map will be.

  • Controls Title:
    On Maps that contain MORE than one location stack, the Controls Menu will be presented.  The Controls Title Text is the heading text on the controls menu.
  • View All:
    The View All link in the controls menu zooms the map out to show ALL location markers.  Use this setting to customize the View All text if desired.
  • Directions Title:
    For Maps that are setup as DIRECTIONS type maps, the Directions Title is the text in the heading of the modal displayed when the users clicks the Directions Link to show driving directions.
  • Directions Link:
    This text is located in the Controls Menu.  It is used to invoke the Driving Directions modal.
  • Get Directions:
    Text used to prompt visitor to enter the navigational mode (provide their location and get directions to specified location)
  • Start Placeholder:
    Text asking user to define their starting position
  • Print
    Text prompting user to print the directions
  • Open in Google:
    Text providing user a link to open the map directly in Google Maps
  • Open in Apple Maps:
    Text providing user a link to open the map in Apple Maps
  • No Results:
    Text displayed when the map can not render the user provided location

MapSnap Location

MapSnap Location stacks must be placed INSIDE MapSnap Base.  Multiple locations can be placed inside one MapSnap Base.  MapSnap Locations define the location and appearance of individual location markers placed on the map.

  • Title:
    The title of the location is displayed in the Controls Menu as well as over the Marker details.
  • Subtitle:
    Subtitle is displayed underneath the Title in the Marker details.
  • Use Long/Lat Coords:
    Enable this checkbox if you wish to enter the locations latitude/longitude coordinates.  Otherwise leave unchecked and enter an address below.
  • Address:
    The locations street address.  Provide enough detailed address information that Google Maps can pinpoint the location. This feature is limited to less than 10 locations per map due to limitation of the Google Geocode service ( translates Address into GPS Coordinates ). If you must have more than 10 locations on your map you must use GPS Coordinates for Latitude and Longitude.    
  • Visible:
    Disabling the Visible checkbox will suppress display of this location marker on a Marker type map
  • Show Info:
    Enabling the Show Info checkbox enables display of title and subtitle when the location is selected in the controls menu.  
  • Stop Over:
    Stop Over function is only utilized on Direction type maps.  Stop Over events are essentially waypoints on a route.  Adding a Stop Over event will cause Google Maps to add this location as a "stop" en route to the final destination.  By default, Google Maps displays the shortest route.  Adding a Stop Over event will cause the route (and driving directions) to route to this location on the way to the final destination (or the next Stop Over location).
  • Zoom Level
    The default map zoom level for this event when it is selected in the Controls Menu.  Select a value between 0 and 21.  0 is zoomed out, 21 is zoomed in as far as possible.
  • Icon
    Select the desired color for a standard Google Map type pin OR select custom and supply your desired custom graphs for location marker.  

FAQ / Common Issues

  • "I see the error:  [an error occurred while processing this directive] underneath my maps, what's this?
    Your host has SSI (Server Side Includes) enabled, you can easily remove this error by adding the following to your .htaccess file:

    AddHandler x-httpd-php .htm .html 

    AddType application/x-httpd-php .htm .html

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