What is a SPAM Honeypot?

A spam honeypot is a tool used by email providers, security professionals, and anti-spam organizations to detect and analyze spam messages. A spam honeypot is an email address that is not used for any legitimate communication but is instead intentionally created to attract and collect spam emails.

The spam honeypot is usually placed in a visible location on a website, or embedded in code that is hidden from human users but easily detectable by automated spam bots. The goal is to trick spammers into sending messages to the honeypot address, which can then be analyzed for patterns, characteristics, and sources of spam.

A spam honeypot is different from a regular email address because it is not used for any legitimate communication and is not provided to anyone for that purpose. Instead, it is used to attract and collect spam messages, and any incoming messages are automatically flagged as spam. This allows researchers to study the spam messages and use the information to develop better spam filters and anti-spam technologies.


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